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The 5 big benefits of a cleanse

Getting Juiced for Summer – The 5 Big Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

The word, ‘cleanse’ has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Conjuring up baths and spas and health. ‘Cleanse’ reminds me spring is around the corner, and my body, mind and soul need equal amounts of tender love and care.

Because, let’s face it, after a winter’s worth of comfort foods, comfort clothes and hibernation under blankets, we all want to shed our winter flab for confident beach bodies.

But, make no mistake, to detox from head to toe can be hard work. No expert ever promised that looking and feeling good is easy. But, it’s most definitely worth the results.

3 ways to prepare for spring

  1. Me-time and meditation for your soul
    Start with me-time and meditation. It helps to reflect on how you could be taking better care of yourself.
  2. An attitude of gratitude for your mind
    Dust off your journal and write down your daily gratitudes every night before going to sleep – what a positive way to end the day.
  3. A juice cleanse for your body
    Start a 3 to 5 day detox for your body.


Did you know? Cold-pressed juices are densely packed with nutrients which are easily digested and absorbed by the body. Getting juiced up works! And here’s why:

The 5 big benefits of getting juiced up


When your body rids itself of all that bad winter stuff like carbs, fats and sugars, the cravings stop and your appetite shrinks. The kilos drop off when you’re cleansing with juice as these drinks are ridiculously low in calories. But, be sure to drink only cold-pressed juices – they are pure goodness in a bottle and will give your body a big hit of nutrients. Your cleanse becomes that much easier and healthier by adding vegetable juice into the mix.

Why drink only cold-pressed juices? The pulpy goodness is extracted from the fruit and vegetables at a very low speed using a cold-press juicer. As there is no heat being generated during the juicing process this effectively retains all the healthy enzymes and nutrients.

But, don’t fall back into bad habits once you have finished cleansing. While you are still feeling revitalised and healthy, get onto a proper diet plan which incorporates good eating habits into your lifestyle. If you are up for a real challenge try our 21 day challenge with Caralicious. #CaralishiousXJuiced


Toxins drain your energy levels. After a juice cleanse you will experience a big hit of renewed energy because your body has expelled all the toxins. During the cleanse, sugars and fats are replaced with all the good nutrients your body needs to function.

Dehydration depletes energy and usually, your winter body is also a dehydrated body. A cleanse provides extra va-va-voom thanks to the increased water intake required. It’s vital you drink water while on a juice cleanse. Actually, we should be drinking at least 2 litres of H2O a day, period.


When you start your juice cleanse your skin will at first look worse (pimply and dry) before it looks better. This is your body adjusting to a dramatic change and flushing out all the bad stuff. Be patient. Before you can say “I need a facial”, your skin will have flushed out all the toxins and begin to look radiant and properly hydrated.


The big juicy cleanse will flush out your organs which are clogged with toxins. Once cleansed, they start functioning better and more efficiently. When your organs work like they should, your body absorbs nutrients properly. This in turn gives your immunity system a great big boost. A good juice cleanse and you will be glowing with health and happiness this summer.


Juicing up for good health is one of the best things you can do for your body after winter. It doesn’t only provide you with some great benefits but will also inspire you to embrace good health and keep feeling good.

A juice cleanse gives you renewed confidence and vigour to shake your summer booty. That alone, should persuade you to abandon hibernation and leap into some pre-emptive self-care! So come on! Toss aside that blanket, shed your winter woolies and get a big hit of juice with our choice of cleanses.

You could try the 5 Day Cleanse. Order it online now and you will receive a detailed schedule with directions on what to drink and when, a daily apple and ginger shot, two herbal teas per day and all juices, soups and smoothies you need for 5 days.