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Juice Cleanse

If you are an experienced juicer, looking to reset your eating habits and eliminate cravings, our pure juice cleanses are for you. These are powerful cleanses which boost the immune system. Our juices contain a good balance of fruits and vegetables. Even though pure juice cleanses are the most challenging of our cleanses, we believe the combination of juices allows for the cleanse to be a positive experience and will leave your body feeling revitalised.


Juice & Soup Cleanse

If you are new to juicing and the thought of drinking only juices is slightly daunting, our juice and soup cleanses are a great solution for you. These cleanses are rich in vegetables. They are powerful but tasty and includes the full colour spectrum of fruits and vegetables. You should find your energy levels increasing and your body well on it’s way to running like a well-oiled machine.


Juice, Soup & Smoothie Cleanse

This is a great option if it is your first cleanse, you love your food and are petrified at the thought of going without solids. For those of you that appreciate variety in life, the combination of smoothies, soups and juices makes this cleanse a hugely enjoyable experience. This cleanse is packed with phytonutrients, vital enzymes, and antioxidants which promote both a healthy mind and body. You will finish this cleanse astonished at how fantastic you feel and how delicious the process was.